Inflammation, Fatigue, and Pain Gone!

Working with Cindy and Nuview Nutrition, each tomorrow gets better and better.

My OB/GYN referred me to Cindy at Nuview Nutrition to help with the pain from my endometriosis before proceeding to a hysterectomy.

  • I was constantly fatigued from the pain
  • I walked with a severe limp due to scar tissue & pain on right side
  • It hurt to wear clothes
  • I always felt hot like I was burning from the inside out
  • I was living day to day in dreadful pain and in bed by 7pm

At Nuview Nutrition, Cindy did a very comprehensive analysis of my medical, nutritional, emotional and physical situation and crafted a customized eating plan that worked for ME.  Cindy began treating me with food for multiple conditions, supplements to aid in my healing, and provided me detailed, scientific materials for everything she was doing to help me.

4 months after starting, my life feels like a 180 degree turn around:

  • Improved energy
  • Improved emotional stability
  • Movement without pain
  • No pain medications needed
  • No surgery needed
  • I have lost 12 pounds
  • I am finally not burning from inflammation–I feel COLD
  • Less anxiety

Finally, I have learned that the destructive cycle of my food patterns simply exacerbated my anxiety, sadness, depression, helplessness and pain.  Today while I am far from perfect, I feel hope that tomorrow is going to be a better day.  Working with Cindy and Nuview Nutrition each tomorrow gets better and better.

Paula Techlin Tuesday, September 25, 2018