Thank you, Nuview Nutrition!

Weight loss was my first goal, but above all, I just want to be healthy!

I came to Nuview Nutrition ready for real change! As an RN with years of yo-yo dieting, I had a lot of knowledge, but I needed a customized approach for my body –  including supplementation, nutrition, accountability, and support.

When I came to Nuview Nutrition…

  • I was pre-diabetic
  • I had PCOS
  • I had metabolic syndrome
  • I was more than 100 pounds overweight
  • I was exhausted
  • My knees, feet, and entire body hurt all the time
  • I was so uncomfortable in my own skin
  • I desperately needed more energy for my family, including 3 very busy sons!

I am so excited to share that while I am only a few months into this journey, with still a significant amount of weight left to lose, I already have so many amazing results.

So far, I’ve lost 42 pounds and 30” throughout my body. I exercise regularly and feel really great both on the inside and out. I am much more confident in who I am now. All of my clothes are already too big on me and I am able to shop in the non-plus size section again! I do not struggle with emotional eating anywhere near the way I did just a few short months ago.

I had lab work done last week that I am really excited about. Each of these numbers were previously too high and are now all within normal limits:

  • Fasting blood sugars went from 115-120’s down to 95-100 each day (Diabetic indicators)
  • A1C has dropped from 5.3 to 4.6 (Diabetic indicators)
  • Cholesterol dropped from 171 to 145
  • Triglycerides dropped from 169 to 58
  • ALT (non-alcoholic fatty liver r/t obesity) dropped from 38 to 20

I am so excited to continue this journey and report back even more good news as I eventually achieve an ideal, healthy weight. Weight loss was my first goal, but above all, I just want to be healthy! Thank you Nuview Nutrition, and especially Carly,  for all of your support and encouragement on this journey!

Maria Roy Tuesday, September 25, 2018