Stomach issues, IBS and 70 lbs GONE! Thank you Nuview Nutrition!

Stomach issues, IBS and 70 lbs GONE! Thank you Nuview Nutrition!

I love Nuview Nutrition! Finally, somewhere to go to be educated on what to eat and how to feel better, from the inside out. I started going to Nuview Nutrition for two reasons: my terrible stomach issues and I needed to lose weight. I spoke with several people who went to Nuview Nutrition and they had great results, so I thought I’d give it a try. After sitting with Carly, I learned what foods were good for me and what foods were working against me. From there, my body started to change and the weight loss came.

Before going to Nuview Nutrition, at my annual physical, my doctor had done blood work for cholesterol, sugar, etc. A lot of the numbers were creeping up. In the past, I had lost weight with other programs but didn’t learn anything about being healthy. It was all about the number on the scale. At Nuview Nutrition, it’s about the PERSON on the scale!

Since being at Nuview Nutrition, EVERY number is where it should be! My blood pressure medicine was cut in half. I’ve lost over 70 pounds and 20 inches since starting last year, March of 2017. This summer I will be running/walking in my first race ever! None of this would have ever been possible without the support of everyone at Nuview Nutrition!


  • Bowel issues—gone! Gas, cramping, bloat, indigestion—all gone!
  • IBS-reversed
  • BMI 40.4 (class III obese)—now out of obese range and improving every month
  • Down 70 pounds and still losing
  • Cut blood pressure meds in half
  • Recent Double knee replacement— Now training for a race this summer!

Sharon Gibson April 2018 Friday, May 4, 2018