Nuview Nutrition Helped Reverse my Stage 4 Alzheimer’s

And I am Currently Testing at Mild Cognitive Impairment

In my late 50’s my wife noticed a gradual decline in my cognitive ability. I am now back to doing my daily activities on my own.

It feels so good to have my brain back and participate in life again. Cindy and Nuview Nutrition have changed my life, I am on my way to completely reversing my Alzheimer’s!

I only have 3 phone reminders a day, down from 33!






In my late 50’s my wife noticed a gradual decline in my cognitive ability

  I could no longer:

  • finish a task
  • Was often wondering in back yard like not knowing what to do next
  • Unable to carry on a conversation
  • I would forget the dog outside and unable to care for him
  • I was no longer able to pay bills or use the computer
  • Judgment and decision making was impaired cut my finger on a table saw & I had a few car accidents


One year of testing and I was diagnosed with stage 4 Alzheimer’s Disease.

I was referred to Nuview Nutrition wellness center, when I finally got started with my customized plan I needed 30 phone reminders a day, I had to rely on my wife at the appointments to answer all the questions and to speak for me, I would step into the lobby to use the bathroom and could not find my way back to her office.

My Alzheimer’s is reversed and I am testing between Mild Cognitive Impairment to Stage 1 Alzheimer’s

I can now do all my daily activities on my own

  • Prepare breakfast
  • Take supplements
  • Care for the dog
  • Do the laundry
  • Prepare lunch
  • Get things out and ready for dinner
  • Carry on conversations and remember all the words
  • Do my own follow up appointments at Nuview Nutrition
  • My short-term memory is much improved
  • I only have 3 phone reminders a day
  • Driving – My wife drives I have to tell her how to get from point A to B and home
  • Writing- Working on word search and connect the dots


It feels so good to have my brain back and participate in life again. I am on my way to completely reversing my Alzheimer’s.

There is no cure for Alzheimer’s in conventional medicine however at Nuview Nutrition with a functional medicine approach and over 200 published papers using the Bredesen protocol they are helping to heal – One Brain at a time.  Thank you Cindy Crandell and Nuview Nutrition!




John Allen Wednesday, April 4, 2018