D.M. – Clarkston, MI

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As middle aged type1 diabetic. I have struggled to maintain blood sugar & weight control despite maintaining a strict diet with limited caloric intake. I have now lost 50 pounds, improved my A1c from 10 to 7 & decreased daily insulin dosing from 150u to 50u…all while increasing the volume of food consumed. I have increased energy, no heart burn and am not bloated all the time. I could not have achieved this without the flexible support provided by Cindy and the customized nutrition plan. After years of on again off again medical diets, Nuview’s holistic approach has proven a best fit for me. With more work to do, I look forward to working with Cindy to reclaim my health and lock in a permanent lifestyle.*

D.M. Clarkston, MI Tuesday, November 8, 2016