C.R. – Rochester, MI

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C.R. – Rochester, MI

I have sat on the South Beach with Dr. Atkins, Suzanne Sommers, Marilu Henner and the French women that don’t get Fat. I have sipped on cabbage soup, ate like a squirrel, cleansed, starved, juiced, exercised and bonded with Jenny Craig, Nutri-system and the fine folks at Weight Watchers. I watched my weight go the other way! It wasn’t until you did an analysis of my eating habits, life style, etc, that I finally saw results, I have lost 13 pounds with your help, and kept it off you were unable to unlock the problem that allowed me to finally lose weight, you were in constant contact and I saw results for the first time since my twenties!!! THANK YOU!!! It feels so good to pull a size off the rack that I not only can fit into but I am proud to be.*

C.R. Rochester, MI Tuesday, November 8, 2016

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