Weight Management

You could have underlying issues that are holding weight or preventing you from losing weight – our job is to find those things that may be contributing to your inability to lose weight and/or keep it off!

The team at Nuview Nutrition has a variety of weight management programs that are perfect for individuals of any body type. When you visit us for help, not only will we work with you to create a personalized nutrition plan, but we will also examine the underlying issues that are preventing you from losing weight. For example, stress and sleep patterns can play just as large of a role in your weight as your diet.

On your first visit, we will go over your entire health history and analyze factors that can help with your Weight Management. We have the experience and resources needed to give you the healthy body you aim to have. Our team serves residents throughout Michigan from our convenient Clarkston location in Oakland County. For more information about our weight management programs, or to schedule an appointment, call us today.

We will always start with a customized plan that best suites your body’s needs, then another weight management option is SHAPE ReClaimed™.

SHAPE ReClaimed™ offered by Nuview Nutrition LLC