Specialized Testing


What is it like to get a scan? – Getting a ZYTO biocommunication scan is a simple and painless process.  Simply place your hand on the ZYTO hand cradle while a scan is run. During the scan, subtle energetic impulses are introduced to your body through multiple input channels including the hand cradle.  Your body will naturally respond to this communication and the ZYTO software records each response.   Although a few people may be able to sense this energetic communication, most are unaware that the scan is taking place

Using ZYTO biocommunication you can discover specific, individualized information that will help you and your healthcare professional design a personalized health and nutrition program. It provides insights that can make a significant difference.

Providing your body with the specific nutrition and care it needs allows it to perform at its highest level. When you’re functioning on ‘all cylinders’ you feel better and have more energy. ZYTO wellness and decision support software can help you maximize your investment in health. It can assist you in getting the most out of life!

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis – BIA testing

BIA testing, which is recognized as the most powerful tool available for controlling the aging process, helps to improve the muscle to fat ratio and restore vitality to the body. This particular method measures your body fat in relation to lean body mass and as research has shown that body composition is directly related to health,  it is considered an integral part of a health and nutrition assessment.

As mentioned, a balance of body fat is greatly associated with good health and longevity. In fact, excess fat in relation to lean body mass, known as altered body composition, can significantly increase your risks to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other health risks. With the help of BIA testing, early detection of  an improper balance in body composition can be accomplished, allowing for early intervention and prevention.

Micronutrient Testing
Functional Intracellular Analysis

Are you getting the nutrients YOU need?

Nutritional testing is an important part of a complete healthcare program. Medical research, published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, has scientifically documented the vital role that essential nutrients play in both achieving and maintaining good health. This statement has been proven through the fact that some diseases have been scientifically linked to nutrient imbalances.

Nutritional status is a vital foundation of health and performance. SpectraCell’s micronutrient testing is an innovative assessment of nutritional status, as unlike traditional serum, hair and urine tests, SpectraCell’s tests evaluate how an individual’s white blood cells respond to varied environments of over 32 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. As a result, individual differences in metabolism, age, genetics, health, prescription drug usage, absorption rate or other factors can be taken into consideration.

LipoProtein Particle ProfileT(LPPT)

Standard cholesterol testing is not enough; research shows the lipoproteins carrying cholesterol, not the cholesterol itself, are responsible for inducing atherosclerotic plaque production and accelerating cardiovascular disease. In fact, about 50% of heart attack sufferers had normal HDL and/or LDL cholesterol test results. For a complete cardiovascular risk assessment, get SpectraCell’s LipoProtein Particle ProfileT(LPPT).

Telomere Testing

SpectraCell’s Telomere Test is the window to your true cellular age. This advanced test measures the length of your telomeres, which are the end caps of your DNA, as studies show a direct link between telomere length, cardiovascular health and the aging process.

HS-OMEGA 3 Index®

An adequate level of the omega-3’s EPA, especially DHA, can reduce the risk of Sudden Cardiac Death by 90%. The HS-Omega-3 Index® measures the percentage of EPA and DHA levels in red blood cell membranes.

ApoE Genotyping

Is your cardiovascular treatment strategy best for your specific genetic composition? This test determines an individual’s genetic risk associated with the Apolipoprotein E gene. Results of the genotyping of Apolipoprotein E have important implications in the treatment for individual patients when it comes to reducing cardiovascular disease risk.

Food Intolerance Test

Pinnertest is a food intolerance test used to detect which foods may be causing negative reactions with your body such as bloating, migraines and more-all with just a few drops of blood dispensed by a basic finger prick.