Fuel for Performance – Youth

Is your young athlete at their peak performance? Are they getting enough protein? Do you want to show your athlete the benefits of properly fueling their body with a healthy lifestyle? We can help!

Fuel for Performance

Let Nuview Nutrition teach your athlete how to fuel for performance. In this program, they will learn how to eat before, during, and after training, practice, and games! This three-session series is designed for athletes below the age of 18, who have no health issues and want to improve their endurance.

4 One-on-one, Private sessions include

  • Body compositions to show improved muscle to fat ratio
  • Urine Analysis
  • Goal Setting and challege assessments
  • Customized Eating Plans
  • Education with a focus on topics such as:
    • Be supplement savvy (Treat the Body Right)
    • PrimeTime fuel
    • Rethink your drink
    • Create a great plate

Group Rates Available