Mindfulness/Emotional Coaching


Are you having difficulty with implementing and sticking to the lifestyle changes necessary to better your health?
Do you find yourself constantly repeating old habits that sabotage your progress?
Are you constantly in a state of high-stress?
  • You know something needs to change, but you don’t know what.
  • You just know that you are stuck; you are sick and tired of feeling trapped in a particular dynamic, or are just plain curious as to how you can learn, heal and grow personally and spiritually.
  • By working with Nuview Nutrition, we will help you to identify un-serving, self-limiting belief patterns and behavioral habits. Then, we will guide you through the process of dismantling the wounded pattern, work through the stifled emotions, pull your wisdom from it, release it and heal it by replacing it with positive, affirming patterns.

Good News! Because Nuview Nutrition practices a functional medicine approach, we can help you with these mindfulness and emotional components to accelerate you on your path to health and wellness!

Mindfulness Coaching is a form of healing through conversation which identifies the patterns that are self-sabotaging, disruptive and prevent you from Joy, Fulfillment & Health.

We are emotional beings. Our emotions are the driving force of our actions, wants and desires. They are what make us human, the binding agent of our authentic recipe. If we think of our emotions as a system of the body like the lymphatic, circulatory, digestive or endocrine system, etc., then it becomes much easier to understand how this part of ourselves can keep us stuck repeating behavioral and emotional patterns that prohibit us from evolving into who we were born to be.

When we are stuck, there is an unprocessed negative experience stuck and detouring the natural flow of our emotional system-it has literally left the ego switch on so that we are constantly living and reacting from our wounded self in that moment in time versus our real self in the now. It affects every decision we make and how we perceive each experience. We aren’t always aware, because over time, these wounds develop into self-limiting beliefs and emotional patterns that create and strengthen their presence in our subconscious; think of it as stealth mode on auto pilot.