EVOX Perception Reframing

Are you looking to improve relationships, overcome addictions, improve athletic performance or achieve goals? EVOX therapies can help clear emotional blockages and old perceptions that may be holding you back.

The Science: Like a fingerprint, every person’s’ voice is unique to them. When you speak, your voice carries the energy of how you perceive or understand the topic you are speaking about. The EVOX experience opens you to new ways of seeing things, called Perception Reframing. Subconsciously, we create complex and sometimes peculiar mechanisms to protect us from early traumatic and stressful experiences. These mechanisms run silently below the surface of our conscious mind as coping skills that help us endure and survive difficult events and chronically painful conditions. However, their repetitive application often leads to thoughts, feelings and actions that create suffering and rob us of our fullest potential later in life.

Treatment: The EVOX creates a visual map of a client’s perception about a specific topic such as health, relationships, work, athletic performance, or any aspect of life they would like to improve. In order to create a visual map, the client speaks about this topic and the EVOX records the energy and tone for frequencies that are missing.

The voice energy is plotted into a “Perception Index,” which gives the client a visual image of their perception.


Chances are that a person has a specific area in life that’s giving them trouble. Whatever this area is, the Single-Topic chart is capable of addressing it in a very powerful way. After speaking on the topic multiple times and then doing a Timed Output, the body’s subconscious will absorb the information and a shift will eventually occur regarding that topic. The expanded perception can then lead to improvements in that area.


With any topic, there are usually associated areas that relate. The Multi-Topic chart provides a clearer “road map” to guide the practitioner in determining which areas related to the core topic they should work on reframing first. The client then speaks about the related topics and does Timed Outputs in the specified order until each associated perception shifts. This method allows the client to reframe the topic in a more comprehensive way.


Did you know that most of your perceptions are inherited from your ancestors? Like most other perceptions, these transgenerational perceptions are deeply embedded in our subconscious. While many of these perceptions serve an important purpose, some are less desirable and can create barriers to wellness. The Transgenerational chart addresses the perceptions that may be creating these barriers.

With the EVOX system, it is possible to quickly and painlessly shift or reframe perception at both a conscious and subconscious level. Perception reframing allows for a more mature or functional reality, and can be used to improve any aspect of life, including personal health, interpersonal relationships, and performance.

What to Expect During a Perception Reframing Treatment: Sessions are typically one-and-done and really depend on how long it takes the client to show a “releasing pattern.”

  • A typical session begins with a discussion on what areas of life the client feels blocked. If they’re not sure, the practitioner will perform a reliable method to scan topics and see what comes up as the biggest stressors. 
  • Once the topic(s) has been chosen, a recording is taken of the client’s voice. The practitioner then reads a “burst output” of the recording, which is a reading that shows the frequencies the tones are missing.
  • At this time, the client will be listening to calming music and wearing glasses that give a light show (optional and not recommended if prone to seizures or headaches), which helps to put them in a meditative state.
  • During this the practitioner is essentially taking the client’s chaotic energy and putting it in order. This process is repeated until some kind of releasing or dynamic pattern happens and the stuck perception is unlocked.

When we change the way we see the world around us, we can decide who we want to be from there. It’s that simple. Change your perceptions, change your life! Call today for more information or to get started! 248-625-5143