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Cognitive Decline: Identify, Remove and Reverse

Throughout this series, we’ve gone over health planning for preventative strategies in part one and when to pay attention to those “senior moments” in part two. Unfortunately, 5.8 million Americans are already in the thick of some form of dementia or cognitive decline. People who suspect they have cognitive decline often do not seek medical… Read more »

Supplements: Healthy Support or Waste of Money

In my house, as my teenage son makes his sleepy, morning drag from his bedroom to the stairs, I wish him good morning in three simple words:           Take. Your. Supplements. It’s become our household mantra over the years, one I’m sure he’ll pass on to his own children. Whether he chooses to admit it… Read more »

Thank You for all the Love!

On October 10th, 2019, we spent the evening celebrating 20 years of the Nuview Nutrition difference with close friends, clients, and staff. It was a beautiful party, filled with the kind of support that has only strengthened our proven process along the way. Throughout the evening, we held a winter clothing drive and asked guests… Read more »

September is National Cholesterol Education Month

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and even worldwide. Medical professionals use the term heart disease to describe several conditions; however, many of these conditions relate to the buildup of plaque in the walls of arteries. In honor of National Cholesterol Education month, let’s discuss one of the largest… Read more »

Please Join Us!

You’re invited to celebrate 20 Years of the Nuview Nutrition difference with an evening of light refreshments, door prizes & raffles! *The first 10 Arrivals will receive a gift!  When: Thursday, October 10th Time: 4:00 p.m. ~ 7:00 p.m. Where: 7300 Dixie Hwy. Ste. 500, Clarkston, MI 48346 Please RSVP: 248-625-5143 Enter to Win!  For… Read more »

Is Aluminum Safe?

It’s the go-to when we don’t want to search for the top to a Tupperware bowl. We marinate meat in it and sometimes restaurants fold it around leftovers. It’s a pan protector, a piping bag, cleaner, funnel, and a sharpener. It’s used to keep food hot and it’s one of camping’s greatest necessities. There are… Read more »

Cognitive Decline: When to Pay Attention

As seen in the August 21st, 2019 issue of the Clarkston News… Have you read Part One? We all have those moments when we walk into a room and forget why we’re there. Sometimes we might search desperately for our phone and find it in the fridge—don’t judge me! We’ve all had a slip of… Read more »

Back to school: Is Your Child Ready?

As seen in the August 7th 2019 edition of the Clarkston News…  I went grocery shopping the other day and almost cried when I saw the supplies lined up in their back to school glory. What happened to the beach toys? Is my sixteen-year-old ready? I don’t even know where he is! I’m making lists… Read more »

Don’t Sacrifice Your Health this Summer!

When someone refers to summer as “dog days,” I picture my dog lying around in the sun. She’s just so lazy out there, all flopped over and barely lifting her head to defy me when I call her inside. She’s the very definition of laziness. I should know—it’s what I look like on my boat… Read more »

Understanding Hemp Oil

On December 20th 2018, the United States saw an updated version of the Farm Bill passed and the Cannabis crowd went wild. For some, releasing the hemp plant from the Controlled Substances Act seemed to bring on emotionally and politically charged rage. For others, a sense of “canna-curiosity” emerged. Since then, there’s been a lot… Read more »