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Nutritional variety: the key to great health

It’s important to eat balanced meals with a lot of variety every day.  The body recognizes foods and the nutrients contained within to optimize healthy body functions.  As different foods are eaten, the efficiency of the thyroid gland, which regulates metabolism, or the speed with which foods are converted to usable energy sources, is heightened. … Read more »

Under chronic stress? Learn what it does to the body and how to end the cycle

Stress in today’s fast-paced society is at record highs. Nearly 80% of the general population is presenting with symptoms of adrenal fatigue, a complex of vague symptoms that negatively impact the blood sugar-metabolism-stress regulators in the body (Axe, 2014). While some stress is good and helps us to stay safe when danger is present, unrelieved… Read more »

Fuel Correctly for Optimal Sports Performance

During exercise and sports activities, it’s imperative to fuel the body with the proper nutrition to not only enhance performance, but also to prevent muscle wasting from not eating enough calories, especially calories from the right food sources.  Within 60 to 90 minutes of intense physical activity, if the body does not receive at least… Read more »

Work Travel: Tips for eating healthy when you’re on the go

Work Travel: Tips for eating healthy when you’re on the go

When we think of travel, we generally associate it with a fun-filled vacation destination.  But it’s easy to forget that for many folks, travel for work is part of the job description.  According to the National Household Travel Survey, conducted between 2001-02, “…the majority of long-distance business trips in the United States are taken to… Read more »

Cooking up carcinogens: How to minimize your risk when grilling

                Grilling outdoors for many is the highlight of the spring and summer months.  The smell of the smoky embers, while tantalizing, can forewarn of possible carcinogenic food changes during the grilling process.  Knowing what these changes are doing to the food and how to lessen your exposure… Read more »

Could you be addicted to your food?

By now, most have heard of the horrors of processed food.  The nutrient-depleted remnants of what was once a healthy food source wreak havoc on the body.  Our cells need an abundance of fresh, colorful foods in order to maintain healthy balance; this doesn’t mean something that will live on a shelf covered in preservatives… Read more »

Making a case for fresh fruits: A phytonutrient goldmine

Making a case for fresh fruits: A phytonutrient goldmine

Fresh fruits are ripening up for the summer season and local farmers’ markets are booming with colorful sweet, tart, and mouth-watering melons, berries, apples, cherries, rhubarb, peaches, plums, and many other varieties of wholesome fruits.  This cornucopia of colors, textures, aromas and tastes appeal to not only the tastebuds, but also to the cells of… Read more »

Could Your Sunscreen Cause Cancer?

Memorial Day has come and gone, the kids are out of school for the summer, and July 4th is quickly approaching.  That means summer is officially underway!  It also means it’s time to think about the best ways to protect yourself and your family from the dangerous effects of sun exposure as you plan your… Read more »

What Your Bowel Movements Reveal About Your Health

Unless you’re the parent of a toddler who has just mastered “going potty,” poop is probably not a hot topic in your household. But the composition of what you deposit into the toilet has important implications for health. Did you know the features of fecal matter—such as the size, color, shape, odor, and consistency indicate… Read more »