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Morning Routine for Balance

Before I even knew what I was doing, I had a morning routine. I used to notice a little anxiety creeping in on days I went off the path. On lazy mornings I’d put my phone in my face, drink that extra cup of coffee and skip my workout. By late afternoon, it was hard… Read more »

Nuview Nutrition Embraces Change Through COVID-19

As seen in the Clarkston News 4/15/21 Hope for 2021 edition The last 12 months have been a beautiful challenge for Cindy Crandell, Functional Medicine R.N. C.N. and her team at Nuview Nutrition. Looking back to last year, it doesn’t seem that long ago that they were forced to turn their wellness center from a face-to-face… Read more »

What is Face Mapping?

Facial skin issues like acne breakouts, dryness, deep lines, redness and signs of uneven skin tone are all incredibly frustrating conditions we could live without. From topical treatments to trips to the dermatologist, we work hard to wipe out the facial imperfections and clear the way for healthy, youthful skin. What if those pesky blemishes… Read more »

The Magic of Vitamin C

I love the sun. I love aging. I’ve been mindful of how easily both can turn on me if I do not approach them in health. You know what I hate? When the two collide. Even after using a sunscreen free of harmful chemicals, the brown spots on my forehead and cheeks were only getting… Read more »

Live for Longevity

(As seen in the February, 2021 Senior Living section of the Clarkston News) I hate to break it to you, but we’re all aging. With each crack in the knee to the moment you can’t keep your eyes open past 8pm, life’s natural order is relentless. Relentless and glorious! No matter what, it’s happening. You… Read more »

Sleep Deprivation

There are mixed reports on how much sleep the adult body really needs in order to work at optimal levels. Some say at least six hours can get the adult body through the day, doing all that it should be doing. Others report that magic number falling anywhere from seven to nine hours per night… Read more »

Turn Winter Woes into Winter Wins!

As seen in the January 27th issue of the Clarkston News… I’m always a little melancholy this time of year. Enter the time of COVID and those winter blues can seem unrelenting. Lucky for you, I bring good news. At Nuview Nutrition, I’ve learned how to combat this year’s seasonal slump and you can, too,… Read more »

Fish Oil: Nutrition and Health Benefits

There have been many times in the past I’ve found myself asking, “Have you tried fish oil for that?” For my friends with teenagers who struggle with acne or the ones who have a hard time focusing, it seems that’s my common response to every concern. What’s always surprising to me are the looks I… Read more »

The Benefits of Reflexology

Our bodies are meant to be self-regulating and self-healing. However, due to stress, lack of sleep, and toxins, we do not heal as we should. Over time, energy flow in the body becomes constricted. This can cause a multitude of health issues that could lead to an even worse diagnosis in the future. Unfortunately, desperation… Read more »

Processed Foods: Mood, Thinking and Memory

We all know that eating a lot of processed foods like chips, sugary treats, and fast food will make you gain weight. When our clothes don’t fit, we know we’re in trouble. When we feel bad and have a physical reaction to something we shouldn’t eat, that’s another sign. What many don’t realize, however, is… Read more »