Meet Our Team

Nuview Nutrition provides nutritional consulting, weight management and other services for patients seeking overall wellness, including those with chronic illnesses. Comprised of a team of nutrition professionals, Nuview Nutrition dedicates itself to providing a customized nutrition plan to enhance the body and mind. Owner and nutritionist, Cindy Crandell R.N. uses a functional medicine approach & customized nutrition plans that give the body the proper environment to heal and provide chronic pain relief and inflammation reduction. Specializing in addressing underlying issues to reverse and delay chronic illness, Nuview Nutrition’s team of experts helps patients find relief from their health issues.

Treatments by Nuview Nutrition are individualized and provide nutritional education, group visits, chronic disease management, weight management and lifestyle modification. Additional services include functional nutrition therapy, healthy ways to de-stress and alternative lifestyle options. Nuview Nutrition creates cost-effective and convenient programs that can easily fit within your everyday lifestyle.

About Nuview Nutrition

Functional Medicine Nutritionist Clarkston MI

Cindy Crandell R.N., C.N.
Owner/Founder since 1999
Functional Medicine RN CN

Cindy Crandell has a unique background combining 27 years of experience in conventional and functional medicine. Using a holistic approach, through customized nutrition, Crandell specializes in brain disorders including Alzheimer’s, dementia and cognitive impairment. She is experienced in weight management and reversing/delaying chronic illness. Crandell brings with her a wealth of knowledge in the field of health, nutrition and functional medicine through her extensive experience with children, adolescents, adult and geriatric populations. She has a degree in Applied Science; is certified in Nutrition, Health & Fitness; and received certification in First Line Therapy for prevention and management of chronic illness. Crandell completed holistic healing certification through the College of Bioenergetics. She has also completed the Dale E Bredesen MD certification and is a trained practitioner in the “Bredesen protocol,” preventing and reversing cognitive decline. Additionally, she has a certification in Energetic Systems Maintenance (ESM), which gives her the ability to muscle test, as well as energetically communicate with the body and tap into its electric and magnetic bio-fields to find specific points on the body which need to be reset. She is actively finishing the certification process at the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Cindy is a member of Institute of Functional Medicine, American Association of Nutritional Consultants, Celiac Foundation and is an active member of the Clarkston Chamber of Commerce and Lake Orion Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Crandell conducts nutritional workshops, is a public speaker, has been featured on Fox 2 News during the “Doctor is in Segment”; has aired on WJR “Big Story” and has joined Dr. Robert Levine of Henry Ford on WNZK as a co-host for his “Wednesday Wellness Talk Show.” Ms Crandell has also been featured in the Oakland Press and Clarkston News

Cindy is very dedicated to practicing yoga, loves spending time with family, boating and connecting with nature!

Certified Functional Medicine Nutritionist / Lifestyle Educator

Brittany Golden, B.S.
Certified Functional Medicine Nutritionist / Lifestyle Educator

With a love for helping others achieve overall health and vitality, Brittany Golden specializes in functional and therapeutic nutrition. Brittany comes to Nuview Nutrition with a combined background of conventional medicine, fitness training, and holistic healing. After being on the conventional medicine side, where the solution to health issues is typically medications and surgeries, she wanted to help people prevent and delay chronic illness.

She decided to go back to school where she earned an Honors Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Wellness from Kaplan University. Brittany also went on to dive further into the functional medicine world and became a Certified Functional Nutritionist after completing the Functional Nutrition Certification Program through Josh Gitalis. Using customized nutrition plans to reverse and delay chronic illness, she believes in helping others get their health back without surgery or medications whenever possible.

Her passion is helping clients achieve success with their individual goals by educating them on a natural health approach that focuses on working with the body’s innate ability to heal itself, the mind-body connection, as well as the reduction and elimination of toxins from the body and personal environment. She is truly passionate about helping clients understand the link between their food and their environment with their symptoms and how to adjust these things in order to feel better and improve quality of life. She has worked with a wide variety of clients with a focus on endocrine health, detoxification, supplementation, dietary behavior modification, and mind-body wellness.

At Nuview Nutrition, Brittany helps her clients achieve personal success with one-on-one meetings and runs corporate wellness programs, grocery store tours, and group nutrition classes. She has experience with adolescents, adults, elderly, and pregnant women.

Brittany is a new mom to a beautiful little girl, and she is enjoying every moment with her!

She enjoys reading on the beach, practicing yoga, traveling, hiking, visiting lighthouses, kayaking, and walking her dog.

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”



Danyelle King, MS, CHN, CAM, ESM, HPP

Complementary Alternative Medicine Practitioner

While pursuing her undergraduate degree at Oregon College of Art and Craft, Danyelle’s work culminated in an esoteric physical manifestation of politically charged concepts challenging the government and its involvement with medicine and food. It became her passion to become an advocate and educate the public on sensitive topics such as GMO’s, organic food, and vaccines.

King followed her heart and earned her Master of Science degree in Complementary Alternative Medicine from the American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS), where she graduated with honors, was nominated for the renowned annual Outstanding Graduate award, and was invited to join the Delta Epsilon Tau International Honor Society. During her graduate career, Danyelle became a Master Herbalist. She also earned her Master Certification in Holistic Nutrition, which allows her to sit for the Board Certification in the Holistic Nutrition exam offered by the Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, as well as the International Society of Sports Nutrition’s (ISSN) exam leading to the Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN) credential.

Additionally, King’s post-graduate certifications include Homeoprophylaxis Supervision (HPP), and Energetic Systems Maintenance (ESM).  By becoming HPP certified by Cilia Whatcott, Danyelle is now one of four Practitioner’s within the state of Michigan able to perform HPP supervision. Furthermore, King’s ESM certification has given her the ability to muscle test, as well as energetically communicate with the body and tap into its electric and magnetic bio-fields to find specific points on the body which need to be reset.

Danyelle has a passion for a variety of holistic health modalities which address an array of diseases and illnesses such as adjuvant breast cancer care, vaccine safety, weight management, pediatric nutrition, and preconception planning. To communicate and educate others on the above topics, she has created a platform titled “H.E.A.L: Holistic Empowerment and Longevity…An educational resource providing evidenced-based CAM modalities to holistically empower you to achieve healthful longevity.”

Currently, King’s love for research has led her into the throes of publishing several evidenced based literature reviews to provide others with the understanding that disease doesn’t have to be a battle—it can be as simple as a dance.


Alyssa Curp
Natural Health Educator

Naturally, Alyssa thrives on helping others. Growing up with a mother who became ill at a very young age, she watched helplessly as the prescription medications kept coming in while the symptoms only stayed the same or worsened. Alyssa knew there was a better way to heal her mother and wanted to learn all she could, which is what led her to the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies & Education, where she is currently attending classes to become a certified Naturopathic Practitioner. Through this education, Alyssa cultivates the knowledge of integrating the mind, body and soul in order to heal in harmony.

At Nuview Nutrition, Alyssa specializes in ZYTO feedback scans. Through this painless practice she is able to assist clients suffering from fibromyalgia, thyroid issues and food sensitivities. Alyssa provides different treatment protocols based on what the body needs in order to bring it back to balance. Each protocol is tailored specifically to the client’s needs, based on how the body and energy respond to various vitamins, minerals and foods.

Outside of studying for work and school, Alyssa is looking forward to beginning a new practice of Tae Kwon Do at her father’s School of Martial Arts. She also enjoys spending quality time with family, adventuring with her animals, camping and exploring new places. Alyssa looks forward to meeting with you to discuss what we can do to help live the life you deserve!

Pamela Linn, LPC

Pamela obtained her Bachelors in Education in 1991 from the University of Michigan and Master’s in Counseling from Oakland University in 1998. She holds a Professional Counselor License from the state of Michigan and is National Board Certified. She has worked with children, adolescents and adults for over 20 years as a teacher, consultant and counselor. She holds certification from the Trauma and Loss Institute. In addition, in 2014, Pamela earned certification in Mindfulness from a year long program based in California.

Pamela currently works with clients in two locations, Clarkston and Davison. She uses an eclectic approach with a strong emphasis on mindfulness as it relates to the mind, body connection. She is able to accept many insurances.

For more information contact: 810-691-0759 or

Missie Mellen
RN, BSN and Certified Cancer Educator

Missie delights in caring for the health and well-being of her hometown community. She earned her BSN degree from Oakland University in Rochester, MI in 1997. She specialized in surgery, recovery and pain management nursing for years, but suffered a back injury while performing care. She is grateful for the precious gifts of Young Living Essential Oils, Reiki and the Biomat. These methods provided relief, along with many wonderful health benefits, when other methods were unsuccessful. Today, she helps clients implement these complementary health tools for greater well-being. She is also a Reiki/Healing Touch teacher and Certified Cancer Educator with the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education. Sharing proven Complementary Therapies that “fill in the gaps” and work alongside any standard/holistic cancer care. Missie offers: classes on the powerful benefits of Young Living Essential Oils, Reiki/Healing Touch sessions and classes from a Christian perspective and Cancer Consults. Missie is available for private consultation and classes at Nuview Nutrition, LLC. For more information: or call 248-672-3527 to schedule a class or an appointment.

Ann Dickie

Ann Dickie
Office Manager / Accountant

Ann has over 30 years of experience managing an office and handling multiple accounting functions. She started her career while attending Oakland University in Rochester MI, where she earned her BS in Business Management with a Concentration in Accounting. She brings a unique combination of diverse past office applications from both corporate and private sectors including the local Clarkston Amphitheater; a large drug store chain; 18 years with Coca-Cola and owning her own business. Ann lives in Davisburg with her husband John and enjoys their children, 5 grandchildren, boating, landscaping and their large vegetable garden.


Kaylee Canup
Client Care Coordinator/Holistic Health Practitioner

Kaylee recently graduated from Trinity School of Natural Health as a certified Holistic Practitioner. It was a journey she always seemed to know she would someday take. While growing up with her own health complications, Kaylee always had a gut feeling there would be something good on the other side of it all. Even at a young age, she knew it would all be worth it—that everything would line up for some bigger picture that would allow her to help someone else down the road. Kaylee is the kind of person who strives to connect with individuals in her community and build relationships by getting to know people for who they are, whatever their situation. Considering how holistic medicine has helped her heal and those she has shared it with, it only made sense that Kaylee would pursue her compassion for helping others. Armed with her past and certification, Kaylee is ready to start the journey that allows her to educate others and equip them with the tools needed to improve their health. She is so excited to continue her training at Nuview Nutrition that will lead her to the next step of taking on her own clientele. Outside of work, she would likely be found somewhere under the sun or on the water. Kaylee also loves to write, take care of her plant babies, discover new places around Michigan, and serve at her local church.


Adrian Schirr
Business Development Manager/Writer

Adrian graduated from Oakland University with a BA in Writing and English. She has a multifaceted role as Business Development Manager. Most days you’ll find her bouncing from event to event, networking her way through Clarkston and its surrounding communities. She is an Orion Chamber of Commerce Board Member and has served on several chamber committees in both Lake Orion and Clarkston. She is the go-to for businesses who wish to have a Nuview audience and someone to reach out to when you want to learn more about what we do. When she isn’t representing Nuview Nutrition out in the world, she is likely tucked away in her other role as our behind-the-scenes ad designer, website content developer, and blog and article writer. When she isn’t the smile spreading our proven process or the brain behind the wheels, she is a wife, mother, published author, book nerd, and pilates lover.


Mission Statement

At Nuview Nutrition LLC our mission is to educate, empower and heal. Nuview Nutrition provides services that reverse and delay chronic illness, improves health, wellness and wholeness for families and community.

We are devoted to educating you about your body, how it works and how to heal it. We believe in working with our clients as partners, to learn from each other in our journey together to maximize health and improve quality of life. Nuview Nutrition uses a holistic Functional Medicine approach providing services that treat mind, body and spirit. Our goal is to promote healthy lifestyles by reaching out to individuals, families and communities with a focus on healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Nuview Nutrition LLC is committed to your success by providing an environment that is compassionate and understanding. We are available when you need us. We believe in collaboration with other practitioners to provide you with what you need to increase your health and vitality.